Labor Management Platform

Empower your front line managers to make the right decisions about labor.

The most effective way to manage your hotel’s labor costs is to get your front line managers making the right decisions about labor.
Hotel Effectiveness makes it easy with the Labor Management Platform, built around five labor management essentials detailed below.

Five Labor Management Essentials

Labor Standards

Give your managers a roadmap to schedule optimal staffing levels

Guidelines Managers Can Understand & Apply

Our custom labor standards will show your managers how much staffing is needed for every position based on operational metrics. These metrics can include occupancy, minutes per room, or F&B covers, for example. Using custom metrics at your hotel? No problem! They can easily be added – labor standards are made to fit your specific hotel’s needs.


Step-by-Step Setup Wizard

Quickly and easily set up standards for all divisions, departments, and positions with Hotel Plan Manager. Simply fill out a questionnaire during onboarding and we will help you select the best standards for your hotel.

Already have labor standards? We can preload them into our system, and your experienced managers can edit them when needed.

Step-by-step Setup Wizard

Set Labor Budgets Based on Standards

Create a payroll budget for each position based on your labor standards. You can also calculate how much your hotel’s labor standards will cost for the year based on 12-month occupancy and operational assumptions.

Labor Budgeter and Cost
Dynamic Scheduling
Dynamic Scheduling

Schedule staff according to your hotel’s actual needs

Schedule Ideal Coverage Within Minutes

Schedule optimal coverage for every position at your hotel within minutes with our software’s simplified workflow. Using your forecasted occupancy and labor standards, our hotel scheduling software will give your managers the insights needed to schedule employees at ideal times and for multiple positions.

Schedule Ideal Coverage Within Minutes

Prevent Unnecessary Overtime

Avoid unplanned overtime and compliance issues at your hotel before the schedule is posted with Hotel Effectiveness. Our system alerts managers of any issues while they’re creating the schedule.

As the week progresses, email alerts will notify you of employees at risk for overtime or any other potential scheduling issues, allowing hotel managers to adjust the schedule accordingly.

Prevent Unnecessary Overtime

Streamline Daily Housekeeping Assignments

Housekeeping uses a large percentage of hotel labor. Our system gives you ultimate control over this important department. Managers simply assign hotel rooms to each housekeeper with target cleaning times. The total shift duration, including breaks, automatically calculate.

Streamline Daily Housekeeping Assignments

Minimize Employee Attendance Issues

Employees view their most up-to-date schedule online anytime in our employee portal, myHotelTeam. Any time a change is made to their schedule, employees will instantly be alerted.

Employees can also easily request time off within myHotelTeam, which then alerts hotel managers of the request within the scheduling system. When hotel managers create the schedule, approved time off requests automatically populate in the schedule.

Minimize employee attendance issues
Labor Standards Automated Monitoring
Automated Monitoring

Real-time labor monitoring prevents costly staffing issues

Hotel Effectiveness Does the Work For You

Our labor management platform compares your actual hours against your labor standards to ensure compliance. No need to create spreadsheets or crunch numbers to gauge your level of success – you’ll have access to over 50 different labor reports that deliver the precise information you need for each hotel. Report types include labor profitability, position details, housekeeping, and F&B.

Hotel Effectiveness Does the Work For You

Avoid Overtime and Compliance Issues

View projected labor totals using actual and scheduled hours for each hotel in Hotel Effectiveness. Managers can easily prevent potential issues, such as employees at risk for overtime and union rule violations.

Avoid Overtime and Compliance Issues

Maintain Control in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Managers stay in control of labor usage quickly and easily with our 5 Minute Daily Labor Check-in. When performed daily, this process alerts managers to potential issues (including overtime, understaffing, and overstaffing) as well as areas of success.

Maintain Control in Just 5 Minutes a Day
Dynamic Scheduling Corporate Visibility
Corporate Visibility

Quick and easy visibility into every hotel’s labor performance

Real-Time Labor Analysis by Region or Group

Spend less time analyzing data for each hotel. Instead, view real-time, at-a-glance labor analysis of your entire portfolio. You can lump all hotels into one view or segment your properties by brands, regions, or groups – whichever makes sense for the way you run your business.

Real-Time Labor Analysis by Region or Group

More Visibility Drives Accountability

Gain quick and easy visibility into your hotel’s labor management performance with a diverse catalog of alerts. These alerts are specifically designed for either General Managers (single-property reports) or Corporate Managers (portfolio-wide reports) and enable you to hold your managers accountable for their labor spend.

Automated Monitoring Benchmarking

Know where your hotels stand against similar properties

Benchmark Your Hotels With Similar Properties

See how your hotels stack up against similar properties with our monthly benchmarking analysis.

This data helps you to identify opportunities to adjust your standards and improve performance.

Benchmark Your Hotels with Similar Properties

Identify Best Practices Across Your Portfolio

Compare hotels across your portfolio to identify best practices you can spread across the company.

You can set-up an unlimited number of analysis groups to compare hotels by brand, size, market segment etc.

Identify Best Practices across your portfolio
Corporate Visibility
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