About the Company

Security and Compliance

Hotel Effectiveness is dedicated to protecting and securing all of your most important data by using a combination of advanced technologies and internal controls. We maintain strict governmental compliance with tax submissions and other reporting and we do this with an open transparency for our customers. We are active in industry associations as we know how important it is to stay current on all industry and regulatory developments.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

We know how important your information is, and protecting it is critically important to us. We take extraordinary measures to ensure that our technology provides the best available safeguards against unwanted data access. We use industry best practices as well as the expertise of others. Below are a few ways in which we employ our technology to protect you:

  • Hardened Data Center - Our servers are located in a highly secure and hardened data center. Tier 1 backbone access gives unparalleled connectivity and uptime. All servers have redundant cooling mechanisms with multiple power sources including UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) in the case of emergencies.
  • VPN Access Controls - We deploy the leading edge Firewall and VPN solutions to ensure no one can get into our data who is not supposed to.
  • Security Management - Our portal and websites use flexible and powerful security profiles that provide us the ability to control access to information at various levels.
  • Anti-Virus Detection - We ensure all of our virus prevention and detection software is always up to date and providing the best protection possible.
  • Website Encryption - Our secure websites utilize industry standard 128-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which protects the transmission of data from your computer to our servers.
  • Advanced Backup and Recovery Technologies - We take data redundancy we seriously and our backup and recovery strategies ensure that none of your important data will ever be lost.
  • Secure Fax Application - Our fax solution uses advanced technologies to make sure your fax transmission is secure and safe.

Beyond these, we have established a rigorous set of internal controls to complement our technological solutions. The following lists some of these controls:

  • Physical Data Management - Sensitive physical data is kept locked and protected on premise and off premise in a digitally secure copy.
  • Disposal Controls - We ensure all sensitive materials are properly disposed of including measures like secure waste bins and document shredding.
  • Voice and Fax User Verification - We have created best practice methods of user authentication whenever important financial approvals are made via voice and fax.
  • Internal Access Controls - Our employees only have access to information when there is a business need. Proper approval policies are in place.