A Few Answers to Clear Up any Questions

What does Hotel Effectiveness include?

  • Hotel Effectiveness is a complete program to monitor your labor. Our base service includes development of a detailed Hotel Labor Plan for each of your hotels, a time clock that your employees will use to clock in and out; our labor analysis system that monitors your labor, custom Labor Alerts that are emailed to you either daily or weekly to identify any issues; and online Labor Tools.

How much does Hotel Effectiveness cost?

  • Our pricing is a simple monthly fee that is designed to be affordable for every type of hotel. For most hotels, the cost is either $150 (select service) or $275 (full service). Unless you select our optional payroll processing service, there are no additional ongoing fees. There is a one-time cost that is equal to the monthly fee to cover set-up and development of the labor plan. In most cases, hotels will realize a return on investment of 500% - 1000% from working with Hotel Effectiveness. This is in addition to the manager time savings and improved controls.

How is Hotel Effectiveness better than traditional labor management tools that we use?

  • First, Hotel Effectiveness is real-time, since the information comes straight from your time clocks. Any issues can be identified and fixed early. Second, Hotel Effectiveness is automated. This eliminates manual reporting that is both time consuming and error prone. Third, Hotel Effectiveness reviews the analysis for you and emails you when there are issues. Senior managers can be sure that they are aware of any issues but at the same time they do not need to look at the labor information when everything is in line. Finally, Hotel Effectiveness is not just a reporting tool but is a complete program for monitoring labor that developing a labor plan for your hotels and providing your managers access to labor tools.

What is a hotel labor plan?

  • One of the biggest errors that we see is that most hotels do not have a specific labor plan. A hotel labor plan details how every position in the hotel should be staffed. This includes specifying a base number of hours for each position and under what circumstances you should increase the hours for that position (e.g. increases in occupancy). By focusing on hours, the corporate team will know that the dollar costs will be in line and that guest service is not being sacrificed by under-staffing. We have perfected a simple interview process to develop a hotel labor plan that usually takes only an hour or less.

Do you also process payroll?

  • Yes, payroll processing is an optional add-on service. Most of our clients do choose to process their payroll with us. Our payroll processing includes all of the normal elements of full service payroll processing (e.g. checks, direct deposits and payroll tax filings) at highly competitive prices. Hotels who use our payroll processing service receive access to additional labor tools and labor email alerts. In addition, they benefit from integration between our payroll system and time clocks.

Do you still have any questions? If so, just Contact Us and we'll be happy to clarify anything.