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An Easy Change that Reduced Housekeeping Costs by 7.4%

by Mike M. | December 12, 2013
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How 3% over-spending on labor led to a $100,000 default

by Mike M. | September 1, 2011
We recently did some analysis for a large select service hotel that ha...
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Entrepreneurs Take on the Tax Man

by Mike M. | October 20, 2009
A good article in the WSJ (Entrepreneurs Take On Tax Man) about how ag...
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What Hotels Might Get Sick From Health Care Reform

by Mike M. | September 17, 2009
Our COO Taylor Beauchamp has co-authored an article in this month's is...
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Hotels, Don't Outsource Your Strategic Thinking

by Mike M. | February 16, 2009
I heard recently about a group of 30 hotels in a particular geography ...
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How to Take the Shine off of Your Brand - On Purpose

by Mike M. | February 9, 2009
One of the things that makes business cycles fascinating is the change...
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For Hotel Owners Worry About 2010, Not 2009

by Mike M. | February 3, 2009
The last week has been a lot of dismal news to say the least.  The mas...
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Payroll Alert: You may have 27 pay periods in 2009!

by Mike M. | January 27, 2009
This is more of a quick alert since many business people are not aware...
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Thoughts on Randy Smith Interviews - Part II

by Mike M. | January 26, 2009
This is the second in a series of postings on the interviews that Rand...
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