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Dear Edie: Why is it necessary for me to schedule in PerfectLabor™ when I know how many associates are needed to cover shifts? -- Scheduler Pains

Edie Lowe
Posted by Edie Lowe on November 17, 2020

Dear Scheduler Pains,

Every manager believes they are doing a good job managing their hotel’s labor costs. When times were great, building a schedule seemed easy - just do it like last week! This doesn’t work today. Revenues are down and occupancies are volatile. CPOR (cost per occupied room) and labor as a percentage of revenue are moving targets. Most managers are not making or even setting goals. We all know that you can’t sell last night’s unsold rooms. The same thing is true about excess labor costs - once they are incurred, you can’t get that money back. Today’s environment has made us all realize that controlling labor requires a forward thinking approach, insightful use of data, and a nimble system.

PerfectLabor™ Scheduler takes only a few minutes each week to build a team schedule that is perfectly aligned with your forecasts. Managers using PerfectLabor™ platform also tell us it saves them 4-8 hours per month in producing reports. Speaking of reports, have you looked at the new HOPS - Schedule Cost - Next Week email alert? This email alert will inform you if your hotel(s) have built their schedules successfully for the upcoming week, comparing the hours scheduled against your labor standards. You should make it a daily practice of reviewing the Schedule Compliance Report, especially take note of the associates with actual hours but not scheduled and those with too many hours. Lastly, the Overtime Risk Report allows you to flex schedules before overtime is incurred.

Using the Scheduler in PerfectLabor™ will ensure your staffing model is directly aligned with your labor standard as fluctuations in the forecast occur. Doing your schedule in excel is not the answer to improving your bottom line. You also get the added benefit of pushing schedules out to your associates via the MyHotelTeam® mobile app when you publish the Schedule in PerfectLabor™. Ensure you’ve done everything possible to improve labor costs by using the PerfectLabor™ Scheduler to improve your bottom line.

Topics: Hotel Profitability, Labor Costs, Scheduling