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Dear Edie: Why all the changes to PerfectLabor™? -- Long Time Hotel Effectiveness Customer

Edie Lowe
Posted by Edie Lowe on February 26, 2021

Dear Long Time Hotel Effectiveness Customer,

First let me say, “Thank you for being a customer!” Why are we making changes to Hotel Effectiveness PerfectLabor™ ? The short answer is that we are always about putting our customers needs first, and the new changes reflect this.

13 years ago, Mike Martin and Taylor Beauchamp had an idea to help hotel operators improve performance and profits. When I joined the team three years ago, Hotel Effectiveness had already established its role in the industry and has just gotten better since then.

This past year, because of the pandemic, our customer’s needs have evolved, so we have adjusted PerfectLabor™ to reflect these priorities. We realize that you have more to do and less time to do it in. Our customers depend on us to address labor and profitability-related challenges, and the most common issues today are grouped into what we call “Opportunity Hotspots". Even top performing hotels can find ways to reduce labor costs, and we found that many hotels did not know how to take full advantage of the benefits of PerfectLabor. We want you to be confident that your managers are using the system effectively and with limited time and effort to manage your biggest expense, labor.


So what are a few of those changes?

  • A new report format which allows for flexible date ranges and more robust reports, eliminating the need for multiple reports for different time periods. The first of these reports was the Labor Flash Report launched last April.  
  • Popular customer-specific custom exports have been made available to all our customers as global custom exports.
  • A new corporate dashboard brings front and center the properties needing the most attention in Win Loss, Overtime Risk, MPR, and Labor Cost%.
  • New housekeeping & position reporting including the Room Attendant Leaderboard - a wonderful tool for managers to use to coach and develop room attendants.
  • PerfectLabor usage summary by hotel report was an immediate favorite amongst our Account System Champions, enabling you to identify which hotels and managers are taking full advantage of labor efficiency opportunities. 
  • All-new Help Center content and an expanded Customer Support team make it easier for us to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.
  • Next month you’ll see some exciting changes to the 5-Minute Daily Labor Check-In™, The importance of the 5-Minute Daily Labor Check-In™ was covered in December.
I am thrilled to work with a company that listens to its customers. I welcome your feedback, comments and ideas, especially since many of our most popular features come from our customers. 2021 will be a transformational year and, for many hotels, a return to profitability. We are grateful for the opportunity to support your journey and your goals, and we look forward to an exciting and successful year with you. Please email me at edie.lowe@hoteleffectiveness.com with your questions for future Dear Edie articles.

Topics: Hotel Profitability, Labor Costs, Scheduling, reports