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6 easy ways to tell if your hotel has a labor problem

Labor Costs

How do you know you need to monitor your hotel labor costs? If one or more of the following apply to you, it's time to consider implementing a (better) labor management system:

hotel labor problem

1. Your managers use a spreadsheet (by computer or by hand) to schedule employees.

2. You don't have enough money left over in your budget for certain hotel improvements.

3. You feel your labor costs are too high.

4. Overtime is a common occurrence in your hotel.

5. Your managers are not held accountable for exceeding their allotted labor hours based on your forecast.

6. You're reading this blog (let's be honest, the headline intrigued you for a reason).

Did you know that even the most tightly managed hotels have an opportunity to save on labor? By using our software, hotels generally notice a 3-5% savings on their labor costs. Think of all the extra pool chairs you can buy with that.

If you're curious to know how you can dramatically increase the profitability of your hotels with labor management, check out our free guide below!


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