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How much pay rates are increasing in hotels (2015)

wage rates

As economy improves and unemployment decreases, many hoteliers are wondering how fast they'll need to increase their pay rates.  Wage Watch has released their annual survey of planned pay rate increases for 2015.  This is based on a survey of hotel companies who represent over half a million lodging workers.

For 2015, hotels are expected to increase their pay rates for non-exempt employees by 3.2%.  This is faster than the 2.9% increase in 2014.

For salaried exempt employees, the projected pay rate increase is an extremely robust 4.2%.

These numbers are similar to the actual increases that hotels reported in 2014.  Wage Watch notes in their analysis that 2014 was the first year that the actual wage rate increases was higher than what hotels expected it to be.

Since high quality staff are extremely important to a hotel's success, there is probably little that a hotel can do to fight the market increases in wage rates.  This makes it even more important that hotels focus on scheduling to match demand and keeping their teams efficient.

If you want to read the whole Wage Watch report, here's a link.


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