Easily coordinate schedules with a digital, streamlined experience to request shift pickups and accept proposed swaps.

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ShiftSwap Provides a Time-Saving Solution for Hotel Staff Autonomy

Taylor Jones
Posted by Taylor Jones on April 6, 2023


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With no streamlined way to effectively trade shifts amongst hotel staff, team members are left trying to contact someone to cover for them via phone calls, texts, emails, or by tracking others down in person. If no replacement is found quickly enough, they may end up needing to work the shift and missing out on important events such as doctors appointments, child care, emergencies - or not show up at all. 


Designed to improve the ongoing challenge of shift coverage, ShiftSwap allows users to easily coordinate schedules with a digital, streamlined experience to request shift pickups and accept proposed swaps. ShiftSwap eliminates guesswork and extraneous time to manage, while updating the master schedule in real-time.

This grants staff the autonomy to easily manage their own schedules, while managers can decide to approve the swap or not. Properties can also enjoy more safety and security as staff are no longer required to share personal information like phone numbers with their coworkers, which could open properties up to security liabilities

New feature highlights:

  1. View each other’s schedules in MyHotelTeam

    • Based on hotel settings, employees will be able to filter between all departments and positions - or just their own. 


    • As long as the position is assigned to both employees, either employee can request to swap with another scheduled shift. More than one shift can be selected as a swap option.

    • Offering a shift looks quite similar to requesting a shift swap. Once an offer is extended, it will show for any employee who has that job code assigned to their employee profile in Hotel Effectiveness.
  4. PICK UP A SHIFT (Open shift)

    • If a new shift has been added to the schedule by the manager, staff can see the open shift and pick it up to increase their hours.

Ready to learn more? Let's talk about ways ShiftSwap can empower your staff:


Unlock Shift Swap & Optimize Your Labor Mix with CoverageFinder

ShiftSwap is a new feature of CoverageFinder™. By adding CoverageFinder to Hotel Effectiveness’ PerfectLabor solution, managers are armed with data-driven, actionable insights to optimize the labor mix and efficiently manage costly contract labor.

You need the best people to service your business needs — good thing is, many of them already work in your hotels. CoverageFinder opens up available shifts to all of your hotel’s cross-trained associates.

Consider this:

  • A valet with catering experience can pick up a banquet shift
  • A bellman can grab a vacuum and take a housekeeping shift
  • A concierge can put on some gloves and an apron to bus tables

Two clicks is all it takes to swap shifts across positions and teams. Eliminate the hassle of shift swapping and provide your employees more control over their time with Hotel Effectiveness’ SwiftSwap.

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