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Mobile Apps Can Provide Hotel Operators More Effective and Timely Employee Communication

Del Ross
Posted by Del Ross on April 10, 2020

During Times of Confusion with Covid-19, Mobile Apps Can Provide Hotel Operators More Effective and Timely Employee Communication

Hotel Effectiveness® is here to help hotels during this unprecedented challenging time. One way we’re doing that is by launching our new mobile app and updates to MyHotelTeam, so hotel operators can effectively and efficiently communicate with their employees.

With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the hospitality and hotel industry, now more than ever, managers need to communicate with staff clearly and quickly in real time. Our innovative tool and mobile apps take care of that, reducing no-shows and countless emails around schedule postings or updates.

In fact, MyHotelTeam has proven to reduce hotel staff attendance issues by up to 19%.

The new mobile apps are now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Employees love the app because they have instant access to view their schedules and manage shifts and time-off requests from any device. Plus, with our recent software updates, mangers can easily communicate with new real-time notifications when schedules are posted or updated and sign up employees with a simple text message.

Here are just some of the many benefits from MyHotelTeam:

  • Access from Anywhere: Employees can view their schedules at anytime from anywhere
  • No Cost to Employees: MyHotelTeam® is included with any PerfectLabor™ subscription, there’s no additional cost
  • Team Accountability: Managers know when staff members view their schedules
  • Instant Notifications for Shift Changes: Employees are instantly notified via text, push notifications and email when changes are made to the schedule
  • Easy to Use Mobile App: The mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to communicate schedules to employees

MyHotelTeam is a smart, shift communication tool that will enhance your hotel’s labor management process. It’s is the easiest way for teams to connect and communicate about schedules. No more missed shifts. No more paper schedules. Contact us to begin enjoying the many benefits of MyHotelTeam.

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