Enable managers to see up-to-date labor spend and forecasts for hourly, salaried, and contract labor positions to produce proactive and accurate forecasts and schedules.

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ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness Integration Optimizes Labor Forecasting

Hotel Effectiveness Team
Posted by Hotel Effectiveness Team on April 11, 2023

Hotel profitability margins are narrowing as both demand and labor costs increase. Accurate labor planning & forecasting is critical to maximizing profit for hoteliers. Hotel managers are challenged to reduce labor costs which means successfully predicting and planning the correct number of staff and mix of in-house employees vs. contractors. But labor forecasting is often based on projections made far in advance - not informed by most recent data. In order to project labor sourcing based on last month’s labor data, the labor hours and wage data is typically entered manually into the hotel’s business forecasting spreadsheet or software. 

While manual data entry has long been the industry status quo, the process has proved time-consuming and tedious - leaving room for errors, miscommunication, and massive amounts of inaccurate data. Despite this, many hoteliers still opt for this method. But with increasing consumer demand and the ever-evolving digital space, hotel staff around the globe need an accurate, sustainable, and automated way to streamline data, track labor trends, and allow visibility across departments. 

Actabl’s ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness integration is an intuitive, automated solution that shares valuable data in real time via automated API feeds. Concurrent data feeds between the two platforms, eliminating discrepancies between systems and producing: 

  • proactive, accurate labor schedules and forecast data within Hotel Effectiveness
  • up-to-date labor spends and forecasts for hourly, salaried, and contracted positions in ProfitSword 

Data from different systems is brought together into one system that provides a 360-degree view of labor and occupancy rates. With this integration, hotels save 5%–15% in labor costs while reducing the time needed to create schedules, dramatically boosting profit margins, guest satisfaction and overall operating efficiency.

Integration highlights include:

  1. Scheduled labor based on hotels’ actual staffing needs

    • Actualized and scheduled labor from Hotel Effectiveness can be seen within ProfitSword in all daily and monthly reports, on site and corporate levels. Hotel owners and operators can be confident that payroll and contractor expenses are perfectly aligned with operating requirements, therefore reducing labor costs.

  2. Accurate, AUTOMATED forecasting and budgeting

    • ProfitSword integrates with 235 different software solutions, allowing for the enablement of comprehensive dashboards and data-driven decisions, powerful insights, and automated processes. Via this integration with Hotel Effectiveness, actual labor costs and related data, like hours worked and productivity metrics, are fed back into ProfitSword - delivering the most accurate top-to-bottom-line forecast.

  3. Dynamic, data-driven labor planning informed by RevSync

    • This integration enables ProfitSword to send forecasted numbers - such as rooms sold, rooms revenue, and housekeeping cleans - to Hotel Effectiveness throughout the day automatically. Via a feature called RevSync, the labor management system grabs the relevant operational forecast data to build labor plans and staffing models, which are used to create scheduling templates for each hotel department.

This two-way integration provides a comprehensive view of forecasting, scheduling and actual labor hours that enables hoteliers to make proactive staffing decisions based on up-to-date data. Plus, connecting the two company’s tools eliminates manual data entry, removing human errors and giving hotels confidence in data accuracy while empowering precise decisions.

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