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The Smart Hotelier's Guide To Running An Efficient Laundry Department


Laundry accounts for a significant percentage of your hotel’s operating costs. Just think about all the items that go through your laundry department:

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Do You Have the Key Players You Need at Your Hotel to Make a Winning Team?


You're at an LA Dodgers game, and they're in the lead at the bottom of the 6th inning. All of the sudden, right fielder Yasiel Puig pulls his hamstring diving for a line drive. It looks like he'll be out for the next few weeks of the season. Is...

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Here's How Hotels Should Prepare For The New Overtime Rules

Labor Costs

If you've read our previous blog, you're aware that the final ruling on the new overtime regulations has been set. Though the new regulations don't go into effect until December 1st, there are a two important steps hotels need to take now to...

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5 Fast Facts Hoteliers Need To Know About The New Overtime Rule

Labor Costs

For nearly a year, there has been quite a bit of buzz around new overtime regulations that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hours Division proposed. They had planned to increase the minimum salary level required for employees to be considered...

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