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What all hoteliers should know about choosing the right payroll provider


A payroll processing provider is one of the most important vendors you will ever choose. You will have to trust them with your money, with the goodwill of your employees, and keeping your business legally compliant.

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A one-time change that will reduce your overtime expenses forever


Most hotels should consider making a one-time change that will likely pay future dividends in reduced overtime expenses for years to come.

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How much pay rates are increasing in hotels (2015)

wage rates

As economy improves and unemployment decreases, many hoteliers are wondering how fast they'll need to increase their pay rates.  Wage Watch has released their annual survey of planned pay rate increases for 2015.  This is based on a survey of hotel...

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The 10 most common names of hotel employees


For a little fun activity, we had a contest to see who could guess the most common first names of hotel employees.

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How Much are Hotels Increasing Wage Rates this Year?


WageWatch has surveyed companies with a total of 5,200 hotels in the U.S. about their planned pay rate increases for their employees this year.

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How Does My Amount of Overtime Compare to Other Hotels?

Time & Attendance

Most hotels use overtime at some point to manage periods when they are exceptionally busy, short-staffed, or working on special projects.  One frequent question that comes up is how much overtime a typical hotel uses.

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An Easy Change that Reduced Housekeeping Costs by 7.4%



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How Would President Obama's Proposed Change in Overtime Rules Impact Hotels?

Labor Costs

On March 13th, President Obama directed the Department of Labor to use its rule-making authority to update overtime rules.  As he said:

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How 3% over-spending on labor led to a $100,000 default

Labor Costs

We recently did some analysis for a large select service hotel that had a ‘little labor problem’ that turned into a nightmare for the owner.  Here’s the story:

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Entrepreneurs Take on the Tax Man


A good article in the WSJ (Entrepreneurs Take On Tax Man) about how aggressive many small business owners are being about disputing their property tax assessments.  I firmly believe that everyone should pay their proper taxes, but I also recognize...

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