The Three Keys to Lower Labor Costs

by Del Ross | February 7, 2019
Hotel labor costs are rising quickly.  In the USA, a shrinking, compet...
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8 guaranteed ways to reduce your hotel's largest operating costs

by Veteese Hobbs | January 2, 2016
Rising labor costs, utilities, and maintenance expenses are a few of t...
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6 easy ways to tell if your hotel has a labor problem

by Veteese Hobbs | September 10, 2015
How do you know you need to monitor your hotel labor costs? If one or ...
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Infographic: 7 Actionable Tips for Avoiding Overtime

by Veteese Hobbs | August 7, 2015
Overtime can be a costly, unnecessary expense if managed incorrectly. ...
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For Hotel Owners Worry About 2010, Not 2009

by Mike M. | February 3, 2009
The last week has been a lot of dismal news to say the least.  The mas...
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The Secret to an Industry's Success

by Mike M. | January 23, 2009
The hotel industry is incredibly cool!  As you will no doubt find out,...
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