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The Three Keys to Lower Labor Costs

wage rates

Hotel labor costs are rising quickly.  In the USA, a shrinking, competitive labor pool is driving wage rates, overtime and contractor usage to unprecedented heights, and the increases are projected to continue for the next 2-3 years. ...

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Five Reasons Why Your Employee Schedule Is Losing Your Hotel Money


Ever wonder why your hotel is consistently over budget for payroll? While there are a few factors that can contribute to this profit loss, the main culprit is oftentimes your employee schedule.

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5 Fast Facts Hoteliers Need To Know About The New Overtime Rule


For nearly a year, there has been quite a bit of buzz around new overtime regulations that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hours Division proposed. They had planned to increase the minimum salary level required for employees to be considered...

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8 guaranteed ways to reduce your hotel's largest operating costs


Rising labor costs, utilities, and maintenance expenses are a few of the largest operating costs in a hotel that greatly impact your bottom line. If you’re not taking a proactive approach to controlling these expenses, your hotel will not generate...

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