by Hotel Effectiveness Team | September 1, 2022
Dear Hospitality Leaders, Hi. My name is Steven Moore, the CEO of Acta...
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2022 Hotel Labor Perfection Toolkit — Achieve 100% Perfect Labor Costs

by Hotel Effectiveness Team | October 18, 2021
Thousands of hoteliers across the country are not feeling confident ab...
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Dear Edie: Why all the changes to PerfectLabor™? -- Long Time Hotel Effectiveness Customer

by Edie Lowe | February 26, 2021
Dear Long Time Hotel Effectiveness Customer, First let me say, “Thank ...
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Dear Edie: How do I produce better cost forecasts AND better scheduling?? -- Bud the Manager

by Edie Lowe | January 28, 2021
Dear Bud the Manager, Controlling labor costs is more critical than ev...
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AB 685 - COVID-19 Notification Requirement and How to Avoid a $25,000 Mistake

by Del Ross | January 7, 2021
Assembly Bill 685 (AB 685) becomes effective on January 1, 2021, impac...
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Dear Edie: The corporate office is always asking me for labor reports. How can I show the corporate office that I am on top of my labor costs? -- Spending Hours Doing Reports

by Edie Lowe | December 16, 2020
Dear Spending Hours Doing Reports, Analyzing historical payroll report...
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