Dear Edie: Why is my General Manager so obsessed with my department's overtime? --Frustrated in Georgia

by Edie Lowe | October 21, 2020
Dear Frustrated in Georgia, Overtime is my kudzu. In case you are not ...
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Mobile Apps Can Provide Hotel Operators More Effective and Timely Employee Communication

by Del Ross | March 19, 2020
During Times of Confusion with Covid-19, Mobile Apps Can Provide Hotel...
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The Hidden Drivers of Hotel Labor Costs

by Del Ross | May 6, 2019
Hotel wage rates are rising at an alarming pace. Huge spikes in hourly...
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The Three Keys to Lower Labor Costs

by Del Ross | February 7, 2019
Hotel labor costs are rising quickly.  In the USA, a shrinking, compet...
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Five Reasons Why Your Employee Schedule Is Losing Your Hotel Money

by Veteese Hobbs | June 7, 2017
Ever wonder why your hotel is consistently over budget for payroll? Wh...
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Do You Have the Key Players You Need at Your Hotel to Make a Winning Team?

by Veteese Hobbs | August 31, 2016
You're at an LA Dodgers game, and they're in the lead at the bottom of...
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6 Common Hotel Scheduling Blunders (and How to Avoid Them)

by Veteese Hobbs | March 17, 2016
Time and time again, we find hotel managers are making scheduling mist...
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8 guaranteed ways to reduce your hotel's largest operating costs

by Veteese Hobbs | January 2, 2016
Rising labor costs, utilities, and maintenance expenses are a few of t...
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A one-time change that will reduce your overtime expenses forever

by Veteese Hobbs | March 23, 2015
Most hotels should consider making a one-time change that will likely ...
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