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Technology Association of Georgia releases Top 40 Innovative Companies

A committee of 18 local entrepreneurs and tech businesspeople choose the companies based on the degree and financial impact of innovation, likelihood of company success and promotion of the state’s innovation nationally and internationally.  

Dennis Zakas, CEO of Zuzu Inc. and chair of Zakas & Leonard law firm, is the committee chair. Members include the “Godfather of Angel Investing” Sig Mosely; Atlanta Tech Angels President Matthew May; Morris, Manning & Martin Attorney Nick Foreste; and other community leaders. 

The companies must be based in the state and focused on technology development and commercialization. They will be showcased at the 2021 Georgia Technology Summit on April 28 and 29. 

Here are the 2021 top 40 companies:  

  • 1Q — A consumer engagement platform that helps brands engage with their customers in real time. 
  • AMI — An information technology company that produces hardware and software to help businesses connect with advanced computing systems. 
  • Apptega — software company that helps small business and corporations with cybersecurity and compliance. 
  • ArtCloud — A marketplace for fine art sales. 
  • Bluefin Payment Systems — fintech startup that specializes in securing payment data and personal information through point-to-point encryption and data tokenization. 
  • Buckle — A financial services startup that provides rideshare drivers with insurance. 
  • CareTrack Health Inc. — A health technology company that provides telecare to Medicare patients between appointments. 
  • CENTEGIX — A hardware company that produces CrisisAlert badges that allow staff or administrators to request emergency assistance or initiate emergency protocols. 
  • Clearwave Corporation — A health technology company that provides a patient engagement platform for appointment scheduling, financial information and other medical information access. 
  • Codoxo — Formerly Fraudscope, this startup uses artificial intelligence to detect fraud, waste and abuse in the healthcare system. 
  • Cox Media — Part of Cox Communications Inc., this company provides digital advertising products to 22 U.S. markets. 
  • DefenseStorm — An Alpharetta-based cybersecurity startup focused on helping banks and credit unions combat fraud in real time using its artificial intelligence-powered CyberFraud product. 
  • Florence Healthcare — A health technology company that provides electronic documents to help with the workflow of clinical trials. 
  • Gimme Vending — A logistics software startup that helps companies that deliver perishable groceries and vending machine snacks manage their inventory and delivery routes.   
  • Mile Auto Inc. — A pay-per-mile car insurance company that uses computer vision technologies to help drivers with low mileage save money. 
  • Montra Solutions — A software-as-a-service startup that produces the Montra VIA monitoring and control platform for IT services. 
  • NuGen Systems — A manufacturer of High Power Li-ion batteries for automated guided vehicles and the material handling industry. 
  • nView Health — A software startup that uses behavioral health technology to help healthcare professionals and researches deliver diagnoses and treatments. 
  • Optimal Technology Corporation — A hardware-as-a-service startup that provides building owners with products and proceses to reduce energy consumption and expenses. 
  • PadSplit — An affordable housing startup backed by social impact investors that allows people to rent out rooms of their houses for short- and long-term rentals, similar to a boarding house. 
  • Paya Inc — A financial technology and payment firm that allows businesses to accept payments through their business management and accounting software. 
  • PrizePicks — A daily fantasy sports platform that allows fans to bet on the odds of the game. A partner of the Atlanta Braves, PrizePicks is the closest legal alternative to legal mobile sports betting in many areas across the country. 
  • RoadSync — A transportation payments startup that automates the payments and other financial processes for the trucking industry. 
  • Radix Health — A health technology startup that aims to make scheduling patient appointments and engaging with patients more efficient. 
  • Roadie — A logistics startup that uses unusued capacity in passenger vehicles to make same-day deliveries. 
  • SmartPM Technologies — A software startup that analyzes construction project timelines and pinpoints areas of possible inefficiency. 
  • Sonar — software startup that offers companies a way to monitor and manage tech stacks to prevent complex software changes from rendering revenue-producing and operation teams inefficient. 
  • Stord Inc. — A logistics software startup backed by Founders Fund that allows companies to manage and monitor their shipments and inventory domestically. 
  • TechSera Inc. — A startup that gives supply chain and logistics companies technology solutions, such as cloud capabilities and workforce analytics, to make business more efficient. 
  • Hotel Effectiveness — A labor management solution for the hotel industry. 
  • Instant Financial — A financial technology startup that provides businesses with a platform so workers can access their real-time wages. 
  • Judicial Innovations LLC — A startup that produces the Online Traffic Resolutions platform so people can pay and contest traffic tickets without stepping into a courtroom. 
  • MacStadium — A startup that provides businesses with Apple infrastructure, such as private clouds and dedicated servers, in order to support their macOS technology capabilities. 
  • Metric Mate — A fitness startup that acts as a personal fitness virtual assistant to optimize strength workouts to help people meet their fitness goals. 
  • Managr — A virtual sales assistant to improve Salesforce adoption and boost sales productivity. 
  • Ternio — A fintech startup that provides a scalable and decentralized blockchain framework
  • Verusen — A logistics software startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make supply chains more efficient. 
  • Vouch.io — A blockchain-based startup that aims to improve digital security and identification in the automotive industry. 
  • Voxie — A marketing technology startup that uses personalized text conversations created by AI and informed by behavorial data to connect brands with customers.  
  • Ware2Go — A United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) company that has a nationwide network of warehouses and technology to streamline order fulfillment.