Hotel payroll costs are increasing, but we've got the solution

Management Companies

Management Companies

Optimal labor management – Your way

Define labor standards, staffing guidelines that match your operating strategy. Spot challenges before they become problems and enable accountability and actions based on real-time performance data.

Hotel Owners

Hotel Owners

Reverse shrinking profit margins

Eliminate wasteful scheduling and overtime. Minimize contract labor usage. Full, real-time visibility into property performance. Reduced expense risk through consistent processes.

General Managers

General Managers

Stay on top of your labor costs

Establish and enforce clear performance expectations. Promote accountability among your management team. Minimize disruptions caused by staff turnover and leverage best practices to create sustained operational excellence.

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Five Labor Management Essentials

Empower your front line managers to make the right decisions about labor.

The most effective way to manage your hotel’s labor costs is to get your front line managers making the right decisions about labor.
Hotel Effectiveness makes it easy with the Labor Management Platform, built around five labor management essentials detailed below.

Labor Standards

Dynamic Scheduling

Automated Monitoring

Corporate Visibility


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Hotel Effectiveness is used in every major hotel brand

  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Hyatt
  • Wyndham
  • IHG
  • Choice

What Our Customers Say About Us:

  • "The tracking system has been better than I imagined and the GM's and Departmental mangers trust the data. Best news is that labor cost overages are now an exception!"

    - Lonnie Funk

    President, Rolling Oaks Hospitality
    "We needed a system that was a no-brainer for overworked hotel managers. Hotel Effectiveness is really easy for our managers to use and ensures that they pay appropriate attention to watching their payroll."

    - Kevin Hilchey

    President, Lodging Host Hotel Corporation
  • "We have been in the business for 25 years and know how to operate high performing hotels. Hotel Effectiveness has helped us to control our labor costs. They are hotel professionals who get the hotel business."

    - Naren Shah

    COO, Imperial Investments Group, Inc.
    "Hotel Effectiveness is an incredible system of tools that has helped us save a lot of time and money across our portfolio. I would recommend Hotel Effectiveness to 100% to other hotel companies."

    - Darren Phillips

    Principal, Magnolia Hotel Group
  • "I would absolutely recommend Hotel Effectiveness to other companies. It’s a great integrated solution for your time clocks as well as labor management and is extremely useful not only for the corporate office but for the properties as well."

    - Doug Karle

    Vice President of Operations, LHR Hospitality
    "Hotel Effectiveness has made a significant difference in our hotel’s ability to control labor, save money, and streamline work. We have never worked with a more accommodating and customer-oriented company. Our General Managers love the products and timely information."

    - Jim O’Brien

    Executive Vice President, Wilson Hotel Management, LLC
  • "I’m very impressed with the many ways Hotel Effectiveness analyzes our labor data. I always find new, useful reports – and I can access them anywhere, right from my smartphone. The accountability it provides at the property level is invaluable."

    - Bill Feenan

    Director of Operations, Pacifica Host Hotels
    "Hotel Effectiveness has given us the tools we need to effectively manage our operations. Their systems are catered to the hotel business so they have helped us greatly to monitor our payroll on a daily and weekly basis. I would absolutely recommend Hotel Effectiveness."

    - Steve Shealy

    VP of Operations, Image Hotels
  • "I consider Hotel Effectiveness one of the finest hospitality vendors I have had the pleasure of working with. They are TRUE and HONEST partners in your business and sincerely CARE about your individual success."

    - Greg Winey

    President, NorthPointe Hospitality Management, LLC
    "All the people at Hotel Effectiveness have been extremely professional. Just as important, they’ve also been extremely easy to reach whenever we need anything."

    - Jig Pandya

    VP of Operations, Hotel Evolution, LLC
  • "Hotel Effectiveness helps our GMs be more efficient at managing their labor. It gives them the tools they need to control their labor costs and improve house profit."

    - Maria D’Alessandro

    CFO, Hospitality Ventures Management Group
    "I would absolutely recommend Hotel Effectiveness to other hotel owners. It is a very cost effective suite of tools that utilizes the today’s technology to help us manage our hotels better."

    - George Glover

    CEO, BayStar Hotel Group

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