Del Ross

Del Ross
Del Ross is a hotel profitability expert with nearly 20 years of leadership experience. Del was responsible for building the e-commerce business for IHG into a multi-billion dollar channel and was later responsible for over $12 billion in annual hotel revenues for IHG Americas. He has served as a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company in their global travel practice and has worked with or advised every major hotel brand, management company and ownership group in the world.
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Stop Oversimplifying the Complex Labor Shortage Affecting the Hotel Industry

by Del Ross | June 4, 2021
There’s no debating the fact that the cross-country labor shortage con...
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Hotels are facing a new crisis - finding labor to support rising occupancy

by Del Ross | May 26, 2021
The hotel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID19 pand...
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AB 685 - COVID-19 Notification Requirement and How to Avoid a $25,000 Mistake

by Del Ross | January 7, 2021
Assembly Bill 685 (AB 685) becomes effective on January 1, 2021, impac...
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Hotel Guest Room Deep Clean Checklist

by Del Ross | March 27, 2020
Improve the Guest Experience by Creating a Healthy Environment with th...
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Mobile Apps Can Provide Hotel Operators More Effective and Timely Employee Communication

by Del Ross | March 19, 2020
During Times of Confusion with Covid-19, Mobile Apps Can Provide Hotel...
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Hotel Effectiveness® Named Hotel Tech Report’s Top-rated 2020 Labor Management Software

by Del Ross | February 20, 2020
HotelTechAwards, ‘Grammys of Hotel Tech,’ Crowns 2020 Winners The 2020...
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The Impact of Wage Increases and a Tightening Labor Market on the Hotel Industry

by Del Ross | January 30, 2020
The Impact of Wage Increases and a Tightening Labor Market on the Hote...
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Improve Profitability: Labor as an Investment, Not an Expense

by Del Ross | November 11, 2019
For Hotels, Labor as an Investment Rather than an Expense Can Improve ...
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The Hidden Drivers of Hotel Labor Costs

by Del Ross | May 6, 2019
Hotel wage rates are rising at an alarming pace. Huge spikes in hourly...
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