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Dear Edie: How does my hotel's minutes per room (MPR) compare to other hotels? -- Compare

Edie Lowe
Posted by Edie Lowe on May 6, 2021

Dear Compare,

The Housekeeping Department is the most challenging department in a hotel. Room Attendants are responsible for cleaning and servicing guest rooms in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable guest experience.

Room Attendants ensure that all rooms are inviting and clean.  As operators, we admire and respect our Housekeeping Department today more than ever.

The average number of guests in a room has increased, in part because of the dominance of leisure travel in the current market. Guests tend to eat more meals in their rooms, leaving more trash and causing additional wear and tear to the room. All linens must be removed from the room for washing, used or not with every checkout. Linen PAR (per available room) has gone from two to three. Although the brands have relaxed some housekeeping requirements because of COVID19, the current staffing shortage is forcing hotels to take rooms out of service or even close some dates to arrivals just to keep up with cleaning!

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a friend who is Franchise Support for one of the major hotel companies. He was quick to inform me that it was taking their Room Attendants two hours to clean a suite upon departure. This sounded high and certainly was different from historical averages we see in the PerfectLabor™ system, but I checked anyway. I was right - after reviewing the Benchmarker Data in PerfectLabor™ Reports I saw that this brand’s Room Attendant Minutes Per Room Sold for March was 14.78, which is a very low number compared to pre-COVID times. Use the Benchmarker Reports to see what the average is for your brand - your area manager probably does not know.

Now more than ever you should be using PerfectLabor™ for forecasting the staffing needs of your housekeeping team and to keep your revenue team informed of dates when you may not be able to turn rooms. You should be recording cleans by individual Room Attendants every day in Night Audit Entry or Housekeeping Game Day. The Room Attendant Leaderboard will provide daily insights into your team's productivity and provide coaching opportunities. Keep pushing the standards and monitor your team’s MPR performance. Remember - every minute of average housekeeping MPR you can save equates to about $50,000 in annual GOP!

Topics: Hotel Profitability, Housekeeping, Labor Costs, Scheduling