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How Does My Amount of Overtime Compare to Other Hotels?

Time & Attendance

Most hotels use overtime at some point to manage periods when they are exceptionally busy, short-staffed, or working on special projects.  One frequent question that comes up is how much overtime a typical hotel uses.

Here are a few stats that might be interesting (all information is over the past 12 months):

-1.8% of all hours are overtime at the average hotel using Hotel Effectiveness

-The most common positions that incur overtime for all hotels are front desk and maintenance (in both of these areas 2% of all hours are overtime)

-Full service hotels are most likely to generate overtime in the kitchen (3% of hours are overtime) and banquet servers (2.8% of hours are overtime)

-If your hotel has any recreation outlets (e.g. lifeguards, pool attendants, spas, leisure outlets) you should be especially vigilant.  These areas are often short staffed, employees are less likely to be cross-trained, and they also are often less closely monitored.  Overall, 5% of hours in these areas are overtime.

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