The Hidden Drivers of Hotel Labor Costs

by Del Ross | May 6, 2019
Hotel wage rates are rising at an alarming pace. Huge spikes in hourly...
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4 Tips to Improve Housekeeping Operations

by Guest Contributor | March 28, 2019
By Raymond Web, guest contributor Housekeeping is an operation that fu...
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GOP and NOI are at risk - what is your plan?

by Del Ross | March 12, 2019
Last week, HotStats released its hotel profitability snapshot for the ...
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The Three Keys to Lower Labor Costs

by Del Ross | February 7, 2019
Hotel labor costs are rising quickly.  In the USA, a shrinking, compet...
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Four Simple Ways to Motivate Your Hotel's Room Attendants

by Veteese Hobbs | November 20, 2017
A well-trained room attendant can make all the difference in your hote...
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Five Reasons Why Your Employee Schedule Is Losing Your Hotel Money

by Veteese Hobbs | June 7, 2017
Ever wonder why your hotel is consistently over budget for payroll? Wh...
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The Smart Hotelier's Guide To Running An Efficient Laundry Department

by Veteese Hobbs | October 18, 2016
Laundry accounts for a significant percentage of your hotel’s operatin...
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Do You Have the Key Players You Need at Your Hotel to Make a Winning Team?

by Veteese Hobbs | August 31, 2016
You're at an LA Dodgers game, and they're in the lead at the bottom of...
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Here's How Hotels Should Prepare For The New Overtime Rules

by Veteese Hobbs | July 5, 2016
If you've read our previous blog, you're aware that the final ruling o...
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