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Improve Profitability: Labor as an Investment, Not an Expense

Labor Costs

For Hotels, Labor as an Investment Rather than an Expense Can Improve Profitability

The hotel industry is benefiting from a strong economy. However, as hotel revenues and profits increase, so, too, do the expenses. Many of these costs are...

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The Hidden Drivers of Hotel Labor Costs


Hotel wage rates are rising at an alarming pace. Huge spikes in hourly wages are common in major cities, and across North America, wages are growing much more than revenues.  Low unemployment and a shrinking immigrant workforce combined with the...

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4 Tips to Improve Housekeeping Operations

By Raymond Web, guest contributor

Housekeeping is an operation that functions 24/7 and it takes pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable for a ‘home away from home’ experience. But this process only works when the whole department acts...

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GOP and NOI are at risk - what is your plan?


Last week, HotStats released its hotel profitability snapshot for the USA for January.  The story is grim.  RevPAR is growing more slowly (up 0.8% year-over-year) but Labor expenses are up by more than 4X that amount (up 3.4% vs January 2018). ...

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