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Infographic: 7 Actionable Tips for Avoiding Overtime

Labor Costs

Overtime can be a costly, unnecessary expense if managed incorrectly. We’ve created the following infographic, “7 Actionable Tips for Avoiding Overtime,” to help give you pointers on effectively managing this labor expense! For more detailed...

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Look out, hotel wage increases are on the horizon.


Over the past few months, the campaign to drive up entry level wages has gained a huge amount of momentum – a momentum which will begin trickling down to the hotel industry over the next few months. Hoteliers need to prepare themselves for higher...

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Hoteliers -- get ready for the new overtime rules with these helpful tips

Labor Costs

As you may have heard, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hours Division has announced plans to more than double the minimum salary level required for employees to be considered exempt. This is a huge deal in relation to overtime, as nonexempt...

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What all hoteliers should know about choosing the right payroll provider


A payroll processing provider is one of the most important vendors you will ever choose. You will have to trust them with your money, with the goodwill of your employees, and keeping your business legally compliant.

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