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The Smart Hotelier's Guide To Running An Efficient Laundry Department


Laundry accounts for a significant percentage of your hotel’s operating costs. Just think about all the items that go through your laundry department:


A great amount of resources go into getting these items cleaned. There’s the equipment needed (washing machines, dryers, ironers, and folders). There's the detergent and other supplies needed to run a load of laundry. Electricity and water costs are also largely incurred by your laundry department. It's estimated that laundry is responsible for 15-20% of energy consumption and 16% of water usage for a full-service hotel (source: Environmental Protection Agency). And of course, there are labor costs, as your room attendants, laundry attendants, maintenance staff and sometimes even housemen all play a role in handling your hotel’s laundry. Data from within our labor management system indicates that an average of 6 minutes of labor per occupied room is spent on laundry.

With all that goes into a hotel’s laundry department, it’s surprising that this is such an overlooked area for savings. There are actually quite a few cost-cutting opportunities; we've created a free guide covering the largest areas we were able to identify to help you run an efficient laundry department.

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