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Hotel Effectiveness Launches PerfectEngage

Many hotels are currently in recovery mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the hotel industry. In recovery, clear and timely communication is the key to success and safety for all associates and guests.

PerfectEngage provides hotel managers with complete control in one, single app for communications, scheduling, time-off requests, and wellness check-ins built into the existing Hotel Effectiveness employee app, MyHotelTeam. It is the easiest and most reliable way for hotel managers to target specific employees or groups for immediate, secure messages without exchanging personal contact details.

“Communication is the key especially in a fast-changing business like the hotel industry,” said Mike Martin, Hotel Effectiveness’ co-founder and CEO. “We created PerfectEngage™ as a direct result of feedback from our customers looking for an easy-to-use tool to keep hotel managers and teams connected. The tool allows managers to share critical health and safety news during this time, and the timely and transparent communication promotes better team engagement.”

Benefits for PerfectEngage
  • Secure, reliable, and trackable communications between hotel managers and associates
  • Keep the team in touch, aligned, and prepared with real-time communications
  • Built into MyHotelTeam means no separate apps needed
  • Dedicated, secure communication channels eliminate the sharing of personal cell numbers
  • Automatically tracks when associates read a message
  • Share critical news, information, and updates with the team during volatile times
  • Easy to get your team up-and-running immediately

“In the hotel industry things are changing constantly making communication challenging. Add in a global pandemic and clear communication has never been more important for our teams,” said Travis Murray, VP of Hotel Operations at McNeill Hotel Company. “PerfectEngage has allowed us to take communications we previously sent through newsletter, paper mail, or web calls and turn them into quick announcements via direct chat messages or a scrolling news feed. The new tool has been the perfect complement to the PerfectLabor service we already use and love.”

For more information on PerfectEngage, click here.