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Hotel Effectiveness® Launches PerfectWage™

Easy-to-use Wage Benchmarking Tool Helps Attract and Retain Top Talent

Alpharetta, GA - Hotel Effectiveness®, the leader in labor management software, announces PerfectWage™, a hospitality wage benchmarking tool that offers the broadest, most accurate coverage in the industry.

The low unemployment rate and 500,000+ unfilled hospitality jobs puts  pressure on hotel owners to increase wages. The labor shortage makes it difficult to hire and retain affordable, quality talent. PerfectWage™ can be part of the solution. PerfectWage™ is legal, safe and secure. When combined with the company’s PerfectLabor™ system, Hotel Effectiveness® can provide hoteliers with 100% perfect labor costs.

PerfectWage™ offers competitive wage information by position in nearly 100 markets. The easy-to-use tool helps hoteliers make wage decisions and set compensation strategy. The benefits to utilizing PerfectWage™ include:

  • Recruit top talent. Attract the best talent with market-based wage rates.
  • Reduce turnover. Employees stay with companies that offer competitive pay. PerfectWage™ gives you actual market data in real time.
  • Benchmark your wage data across your hotel portfolio. Compare your hotels side-by-side, position-by-position using peer data along with market comparisons.

“Turnover rates are higher than ever for our industry.  Most positions are above 80% turnover and getting worse.  The need for a tool like PerfectWage™ is clear,” said Mike Martin, Hotel Effectiveness’ co-founder and CEO. “With this tool, hotel managers can feel 100% confident in their wage offerings all while recruiting and retaining top tier talent. At the same time, our Sherman Act-compliant process can remove the risk of unlawful data collection practices such as informal call-arounds and other anti-competitive methods.”

About Hotel Effectiveness

Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management system designed exclusively for hotels and hotel management companies. Hotel Effectiveness helps more than 4,000 hotels across more than 70 hotel brands achieve rapid return on investment through matching employee schedules with customer demand. From economy hotels to large convention hotels and luxury resorts, the solution is a fit for all types of properties. To learn more about Hotel Effectiveness, visit hoteleffectiveness.com.

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