Labor Crunch is Top of Mind

August 26, 2021
Created with sponsor support from Hotel Effectiveness, the recent Hotel Business Hot Topics Session, "Looking Forward: Focusing on the Future of Labor," explored how the industry is dealing with the pandemic-induced labor crunch.

Hotel Effectiveness Dominates ALIS Tech Challenge Winning The Hottest Technology Award for Second Consecutive Year

July 28, 2021
Hospitality leaders reward the only fully integrated and complete labor optimization system

How to solve labor shortages through technology

May 19, 2021
With travel demand accelerating rapidly, the hospitality industry is experiencing a new major challenge: labor shortages resulting in sharply rising labor cost in the U.S., which consumed as much as 87% of RevPAR (CBRE) in Q1, 2021. Total labor costs in the U.S, as perc...

The Hotel Industry Has a Labor Problem. Here's How to Solve It.

May 12, 2021
If you hadn’t heard, hotels are facing a labor crisis. After major furloughs and layoffs last year due to the pandemic, properties now need to staff up to be prepared for the return of business. But they are facing a drought of workers, which some call the worst recruit...

Hotels are Facing a New Crisis - Finding Labor to Support Rising Occupancy

May 11, 2021
The hotel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID19 pandemic. At its peak, more than ten percent of US hotels were closed and over 75 percent of all hotel workers were laid off. Owners and operators focused on “keeping the lights on,” and for the most part...

Hotel Effectiveness Growth Outpaces Hotel Industry Recovery

May 6, 2021
ATLANTA, GA - The leisure travel season is heating up, and hotels are building back to full capacity. Hotel Effectiveness is rising to the challenge by helping more than 5,000 hotels return to profitability through labor optimization.

Hoteliers Cope With Dramatic Changes in Labor As Demand Shifts

April 21, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic was a shock to the system that led to a number of layoffs across the hotel industry. But as demand starts to return and occupancy increases, hoteliers are finding ways to bring back staff.

How to Keep Hotel Labor Costs Down When Business Ramps Up

April 20, 2021
Some changes made to cope with the pandemic likely will be industry norms, while the crisis also spotlighted the need for new practices to be put in place.