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Hotel Effectiveness Sees Record Growth Year in 2019

ALPHARETTA, GA - The leading innovator in labor management software, Hotel Effectiveness, is experiencing a record year of growth as the team improves its software solutions, grows its client base and moves into a new office space.

Hotel Effectiveness saw a need to create a user-friendly labor management solution that manages and reduces hotel labor costs. Leading the charge with its innovative software, Hotel Effectiveness works to save hoteliers time and money and ultimately optimize the quality of customer service. Something as small as a 1-minute deviation from industry housekeeping standards can cost a 100-room hotel $50,000 a year. Hotel Effectiveness provides solutions to problems like these and has been a catalyst for the recent company growth.

  • New Partnerships: Hotel Effectiveness recently partnered with Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the world’s leading third-party hotel management company, to deliver labor optimization solutions to its nearly 400 hotels in the United States.
  • New Technology: Mobile-centered software helps hotel management operate on the go. With this in mind, Hotel Effectiveness created an app to provide access to their labor management solutions right at users’ fingertips. The app boasts monitoring features, including weekly labor trends for the hotel and the types of labor that result in time management setbacks for employees. Just two months after its initial launch, fifteen percent of Hotel Effectiveness users have already adopted the mobile app.
  • New Collaborative Office Space: To accommodate their growth in size over the past year, Hotel Effectiveness moved into a newly developed, 11,000 square-foot workspace in Alpharetta, GA. The office boasts floor-to-ceiling windows allowing for natural light in the office as well as huddle spaces for team collaboration.

“We have built the best solution to rising labor costs in the hotel industry,” said Mike Martin, Hotel Effectiveness’ co-founder and CEO. “It is thrilling to help thousands of hotels while continuing to expand our services and improve our leading-edge technology.”

Over 3,000 hotels are reducing labor costs, improving productivity and boosting profits by using Hotel Effectiveness. To learn more, visit hoteleffectiveness.com.

About Hotel Effectiveness

Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management system designed exclusively for hotels and hotel management companies. Hotel Effectiveness helps more than 3,000 hotels across more than 70 hotel brands achieve rapid return on investment through matching employee schedules with customer demand. From economy hotels to large convention hotels and luxury resorts, the solution is a fit for all types of properties. To learn more about Hotel Effectiveness, visit hoteleffectiveness.com.

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